Helping creative teams make fun accessible, and profitable games that players love

Increase Engagement

Players want to see immediate value. Get insights about the features your players are drawn to and learn to increase their impact, creating the super fun experience your players are looking for.

Maximize Retention

Retaining players is difficult in this competitive market. Get actionable solutions for your design that focus on accessibility and depth, helping you build a happy player base that loves your game.

Ensure Profitability

Games live and die by their payment model. No matter what platform you’re releasing on, you need to know that the monetization plan for your game is solid from day one.

Boost Productivity

Your time is valuable. Getting clarity surrounding the scope of your game can help your team focus on the things that really matter, making the most of your budget and schedule.


Game Design

  • Full Game Design – A fully-realized, detailed game design document for your game, including a high-level pass on all features and systems, based on your specific requirements.
  • Game Pitch – A pitch for your game, either in document or presentation form, that covers the basics of the game such as genre, backstory, core mechanics, and target audience. Pitches usually focus on opportunity in the market and how your game best meets that, but can always be customized to meet your needs.
  • Feature Design – A document for a single game feature, tailored to fit into your existing game design. Best for games already in development that need extra design support.

Game Audit

  • Game Analysis – A full evaluation of your playable game and/or game design document, including feedback on individual features, systems, and monetization (if applicable), as well as suggestions for optimizations.
  • User Experience Analysis – A document providing analysis and feedback about the user experience in your game. A game that is more accessible equals a game with a larger audience. I will provide a report that focuses on UI, game flow, introduction of new features, and general game pacing.
  • Game Design Scoping – If you’re starting or are partway through development and need to ensure that your game is achievable within your timeline and budget, I can provide scoping suggestions that will maintain the essence of the design and help the team meet their goals.


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