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Hi, I’m Christine and I’ve been working in games for over 13 years, first as a game designer, then later taking on the roles of creative director and producer. I started my journey as a quest designer, working on vanilla WoW at Blizzard Entertainment. From there, I moved on to work on several other MMOs before joining the Sims team at Electronic Arts, where I stayed for almost 5 years, bringing Sims 4 and Sims Social to life! Since 2013, I’ve been consulting independently, helping creative teams make successful products. Largely, my work is in games, but I’ve had the opportunity to take on a few web design and user experience projects as well!

While I’ve worked with teams of all sizes, I tend to be a good fit for smaller developers — I enjoy the agility and energy of small teams. My focus is getting the most out of your game; opening with a streamlined, accessible intro experience, ensuring your monetization structure is solid, and creating super fun, well-designed features that keep players coming back.

My highest goal is for your team and your game to find success, and for your players to LOVE your product. If you’re looking to make your game as awesome as it can be and think I can help, I’d love to hear from you.

My main services include:

  • Game Design Creation
  • Game Design Audits
  • Game Industry Career Coaching

Please check out my full services page for more information.

Companies I’ve Worked With

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Games I’ve Worked On

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