Why I Like the Oculus Go

I just got an Oculus Go. And it’s awesome. It’s everything that I wish VR was when my team first started working on a VR game. After it’s set up, you can literally pick it up, put it on, and be in VR in less than 30 seconds. It’s smooth, and easy, and polished.

I played WoW on Nostalrius… Here’s why.

I still have the Nostalrius WoW shortcut on my PC desktop. I just can’t bring myself to delete it, even though the server has been inactive for almost two weeks now. Earlier this month, the dedicated team behind Nostalrius complied with a cease and desist order from Blizzard Entertainment to shut down their private WoW server that had amassed 150,000 active players. I was one of those players.

Dream of working in the video game industry? Three things you should be doing

Without a doubt, the most common question I get about working in the game industry is: “How can I get a job in games?”

Truthfully, I’ve never found it an easy question to answer because it’s not an industry that has a defined, linear path to follow, and most of the people I’ve worked with have found their way into the industry in vastly different ways.

Who is Playing Games on Steam?

According to Valve, there are over 125 million players on Steam. The platform has been a hit since it began allowing third-party releases in 2005, gaining players at a steady rate over the last 10+ years. 125 million is a lot of players. So who are these players? Which games do they purchase? Which do they play most often? And most importantly, as a game developer, how can you use this information to best inform the games you choose to make?

How to Ace the First Week at Your New Job

Last month I met up with a friend who had just finished his first week at a new job. We met at a local bar and sampled some craft beers while he filled me in on the company, the product, and how he was feeling about his new role. He sounded very excited as he explained the ins and outs of how the app-based business model worked.

However, he revealed that his first week hadn’t gone all that well — he was…